About Us

She is CLOTHED IN Strength, and Dignity, and she Laughs!

I am Shyra Dorsey, a native of Montgomery County, Maryland. I currently reside in Hampton, Virginia and I am a proud graduate of Hampton University (O-Phi-O). I majored in Psychology, and have been working in the mental health field as a QMHP going on 10 years! I started working in graphics over 7 years ago, where I started with fliers, then adventured into photography, to video editing, and now to print & press. I would have never thought I would be here, but I am, and it's mind blowing. My business started with the investment of my mother who inquired about getting some custom T-shirt created, and I expressed to her I could assist. From there we are here now. I remember sitting asking the Lord for a vision for a custom shirt, and this print was given COVID no COVERED! Mind you this was my first time stepping out, and I didn't know the response I would get, but to my amazement, I have touched many, and it has been an eye opener. With God anything is possible. I plan to continue to make custom designs that will encourage, motivated, inspire, and reach many. Be on the look out for more designs to come in the near future!